An Award!
by Tigsy - Girl Meows - Comments Off - August 15th, 2009

blogissatinLook furriends, the lovely Baby Patches has given us an award! It is ‘Your Blog Is Satin’! Yeah! Here is how this works: List 5 details (things, people, features) that makes your life “satin” (translates also as “shiny” or “good”). Pass on to 5 other bloggers. Okay, GO!

1 – Our Mom & Dad are the bestest! They takes good care of us and love us lots. 2 – Our house & yard, because we loves to run around in it! 3 – Tasty food & snacks to eat every day! 4 – lots of soft & cushy places to sleep 5 – We have pawsome cat toys to play with every day!

We pass this award on to Rumblepurr & Inigo Flufflebum, House of the Mostly Black Cats, PDX Pride, Misha, and Pandafur.

The Story of Tigsy Part 2
by Tigsy - Girl Meows - Comments (2) - August 4th, 2009

0804-tigsyBefore they brought me home, Mom & Dad had a discussion about “the rule.” Dad’s rule was No Cats in The Bedroom. Mom didn’t like this rule, she liked having a kitty sleep on the bed at night. But she said okay anyway.

The first day home, I settled in pretty good. I figured these humans were pretty nice people, so I wasn’t scared or anything. I liked getting the pets and the treats and hanging out with the humans. Then they went to bed, and SHUT THE BEDROOM DOOR! They LOCKED ME OUT!

I was having none of this. Srsly, the NERVE! I proceeded to yowl and yowl and scratch at the door and tear up the carpet under the door and yowl some more. Mom said Oh Poor Kitty, she’s lonely! Dad put a pillow over his head. Mom said She’s going to damage the carpet! So Dad said I could come in JUST THIS ONE NIGHT since it was my first night in my new furrever home. I trotted in with a MEOW and jumped on the bed and settled in.

You can see where this is going. The NO CATS IN THE BEDROOM rule didn’t last a single night, and I’ve been sharing the bed (or bedroom, I have a cozy bed of my own I like) ever since. Sometimes I even sneak UNDER THE BLANKETS when it’s cold and snuggle between the humans. I have them trained right!

The Story of Tigsy
by Tigsy - Girl Meows - Comments (2) - August 3rd, 2009

tigsy-031209In 1998, in December, Mom & Dad got married. Mom moved out of her parents’ house and Dad moved out of his parents’ house, and they lived happily ever after. Except for the part where they had no kitty of their own! This made Mom very sad, because she’d always had a cat! Dad, being a very wise man, suggested they start visiting the local shelter to see if they could find the perfect kitty to bring home with them.

Dad had only one request: he wanted an orange tabby cat, a marmalade kitty. Mom figured this was fine, she wasn’t feeling very picky about the color of the cat. So she started visiting the shelter every week. Several weeks went by, and the perfect kitty wasn’t found yet.

tigsy-0305Then… one day Mom visited, and she saw… me! I was sort of orange colored, or copper at least, and I looked funny, thought Mom. (She’d never seen a Bengal before!) I had a very loud meow, and had a long chat with mom about how little I liked the cage I was in, and couldn’t she see I was a princess?

Mom could indeed see that I was a princess. She hurried home and called Dad, saying she’d found a cat… but I wasn’t a marmalade kitty, but wouldn’t he come see me anyway? Dad came, and he was smitten. They signed the necessary paperwork, and brought me home.

Thus ends my story, part one. In part two, I’ll describe the difficult time I had properly training the humans.

The Story of Theo Part 2
by Tigsy - Girl Meows - Comments (1) - July 28th, 2009

theototalsnoozeIn Part 1 I told you about Muffin and how she went to her furrever home with Mom’s mom. After that, Theo came to live with us.

Mom & Dad got in the car and drove a long, long way, all the way up to Coeur d’Alene Idaho, where they met the Bengal breeder lady who had Theo. Theo was little, and cute, and a total bundle of spotted energy. Mom & Dad  somehow managed to get him into a kitty carrier, took him out to the car, and off they went! But they were hardly down the block before Theo started YOWLING! AND YOWLING! He DIDN’T WANT TO BE IN HIS CARRIER! YOWL!

Once they were on the freeways, they decided that they could let Theo out if he would stay mostly in the backseat or in Mom’s lap. He decided that the spot down by Mom’s feet where the cool air was blowing was a good spot, and took a nap.

Now here’s the funny part. Mom & Dad stopped for lunch at a sandwich place and Mom got turkey. At the first sniff of that turkey, Theo came alive and decided HE MUST HAVE TURKEY NOW PLEASE.  He turned into a growling little beast-monster, trying to walk down her outstretched arm to OM NOM NOM on her sandwich! It was so funny, he almost got the sandwich because Mom was laughing so hard! He was so little, but had this great big GROWL! He still growls when he has something good to eat.

Once they got home, we were properly introduced and I’ve tolerated the beast ever since… Next is MY story!!

The Story of Theo Part 1
by Tigsy - Girl Meows - Comments Off - July 22nd, 2009

In order to really understand the story of Theo, one must first hear about the story of Muffin, which really beings with the story of Tigerlily. But, I’m going to begin in media res with the story of Muffin, leading to Theo.

muffinaMuffin is a beautiful calico cat. Muffin came to live with Mom and Dad when she turned up on Mom’s Auntie’s porch one day and wouldn’t leave. Mom went to visit her Auntie and ended up bringing Muffin home. For a few years, this worked okay. I used to beat Muffin up but mostly we got along okay. Then Mom and Dad moved into a studio apartment, which wasn’t all THAT small but was really too small for two girl cats to get along. Muffin developed a bad peeing habit, and Mom asked her Mom if Muffin could come live at her house. Grandmommy said yes, and Muffin went to live with her. Now, Muffin is her cat and lives a very happy, spoiled life where she has a large house to run around. There are other cats, but also a lot more room and everyone mostly gets along. Muffin likes being Grandmommy’s cat.

But see, the problem for Mom is that Muffin was really HER cat. I am a Daddy’s Girl. I love to sit in his lap, purr for him, sleep on his feet or his back. I pretty much act like Mom is chopped liver most of the time.  (Of course, I do give up the snugs and purrs for Mom plenty, just to keep the snacks flowing.) But Muffin loved her mama, and Mom wouldn’t agree to take Muffin to a new furrever home unless she was replaced with another cat. Preferably a boy cat, cuz they figured (correctly) that I’d get along better with a boy.

So Dad started looking around for a Bengal breeder, cuz they decided they wanted another Bengal like me. They found a breeder that had a silver boy kitten who would be available soon, and so it was agreed that Theo would come live with us shortly after Muffin went to her new home. More to come in Part 2…

The Cuteness
by Tigsy - Girl Meows - Comments Off - July 21st, 2009

Do you want to see some of Theo’s baby pictures? I’m going to do it a little backwards and show you some pictures and next time I’ll tell you the story of when Theo came to live with us. My typist is a little tired tonight! (Why don’t they make keyboards more suitable for cat paws??)

theo_cute Here is Theo when he first came home. He was a cute little beast, and so very small! Even I thought he was cute, even though he was an obnoxious little kitten.
theo_action He was always attacking something. And he had some SHARP little teeth.
12-theo_windowsill But when he was sleepy, he was cute again. Awwww!

He’s all grown up now, but he sure was a cute kitten. Even a crusty old girl like myself had to admit that!

Mmmmm treats!
by Tigsy - Girl Meows - Comments Off - July 20th, 2009

Theo & I have Mama trained very well when it comes to treat handouts. Here’s how it works (you can try it too!).

In the morning, Mama gets up and has her showers. When she is done with her showers, she makes coffee. This is when it is time to commence light meowing, just little reminders that Yes We Are Ready For The Treats. I prefer to jump onto the counter next to the sink to do this – Mom lets me, as long as I stay by the sink (she can wipe it off easy that way). Meow! Meow!

When she is done making the coffee, she takers her morning pills. Now it is time to start laying it on thick – louder meows, maybe a paw pat on the arm. When she puts the glass down, full-on treat demands must commence.

Since we are Bengals, we specialize in the Yowl. The Yowl always gets results, as it is pitched in just the right way to annoy human ears. We give several good yowls, and then Mom will go to the cupboard and dispense the treats. If Mom is being particularly difficult, Theo will stretch up his full height on her leg and put some claws into her hip. This is especially effective if Mom is wearing pajamas, since the claws go right through. Stab! Yowl! Yowl!

We are picky cats, so there are only a few kinds of treats we like. We definitely enjoyed being a tester for Lainey’s Pawtique, trying out the Chicken Tuscany and Salmon Tuscany Kitty Kookies. We highly recommend these! We also like Castor & Pollux Organic Chicken Treats.

We are discriminating kittehs, we have rejected many kinds of cat treats. But these are the ones we like best, and that Mama like best because they are healthy, safe treats for us. Yay treats!

Snoozy Day
by Tigsy - Girl Meows - Comments (1) - July 17th, 2009

Hello Furriends!

It iz really hot here today! Well, at least hot  for us, we iz wimp cats here in Oregon and don’t like the heat. Theo and I spent most of the day snoozing in the house, where it’s at least a little cooler than outside. Mom snapped some pics of us snoozing.

theosnoozes717 First, Theo. Theo likes to sleep on da rug, cuz it’s nice and cool down on the floor. He’s really lazy when it’s hot. Mom thinks he so cute with his little turned upsidedown head.
tigsy_snooze717 Mom snapped this one of me, asleep in my favorite perch by the window. She thought it was cute, the way my little paw was resting on the edge. Unfortunately, my new collar isn’t showing. We’ll have to try again to get a good picture of that.

What do you say furriends? What are your favorite things to do on a hot day?

Tigsy Gets A New Collar!
by Tigsy - Girl Meows - Comments Off - July 16th, 2009

So, da other day Mom noticed I had lost my collar. Yes, is very bad of me. See, I don’t have a very good history with collars. If they are made of any kind of fabric I can catch my claws on, I will shred it until it looks terrible. But since Dad put in our cat door (very helpful of him, to give us our own door!) Mom says I have to wear a collar. THHHPT!

Mom found me a pretty red collar made out of velvet with rhinestones. It was really pretty. Since I’m a princess, naturally I deserve rhinestones! I wore it for a few months but then I lost it the other day. Oops. I won’t tell where.

Today, Mom went to da local independent pet store and got me a new one. They didn’t have red, so now I have a new blue velvet collar with rhinestones. It’s okay, I liked the red better. But the bad part is until she orders me a new tag, I have to wear one of Theo’s tags on it! Horror!

See, she ordered a bunch of tags for Theo cuz he kept losing his collars and tag. But he hasn’t lost the one he has now, so she put one of the extra tags on me. It says THEO! Geez. She better order me my OWN tag pronto!

Tomorrow, I’ll pose for photos.