Its a #Pawpawty!
by Theo - Site Meows - Comments (1) - August 28th, 2009

TheoTigsy-DJGoing on RIGHT NOW and running for 24 hours is the August #pawpawty on Twitter! This month’s pawty theme is Woodstock, so all the anipals have donned their best tie-dye and bandanas and peace symbols for the pawty!

Our furriend Java The Cat did our costume fur us, doesn’t it look great! We will be doing a shift as a pawty DJ from 10:30 PDT to 12:00 PDT so we have a DJ them in our pic.

The #pawpawty is a benefit for TEARS, the charity in the FirstGiving badge over there on the left side of our blog.

Our mama is donating two pwizes for the pawty: two sets of a organic cotton tote bag, a body cream, and a honey soap, all for an anipal to win for his/her mama! See the competition schedule on the pawty wiki to see when our pwizes will be given away! It’s under our twitter name @theotigsy.

Purrfect Summertime
by Theo - Boy Meows - Comments (2) - August 20th, 2009

It’s been warm again in Oregon, but not TOOOOO warm this time. I been enjoying doing some of my favorite things! That would be snoozing, snoozing, and watching birds and squirrels.

theo-bedsnoozeDad snapped this pic of me snoozing on the bed. It’s probably my favorite place to sleep because I can stretch out my long legs and tail and really get comfy. Given a choice, I’ll sleep here for several hours a day.

boostwindowThis chair is in the living room, and the window looks out onto the street. When I’m not running around outside, I like to flop on the chair like this and watch stuff out the window. Birds, squirrels, other cats, people… they all go by and I’ll sit and watch them for a long time before I get bored.

I really love summer. The other day, Mom’s mom, sister, brother and brother’s girlfriend all came up to visit. They sat outside to eat dinner and I got to cadge bits of beef and flop out on the lawn to keep an eye on them. It was the best! What’s your favorite part about summer?

An Award!
by Tigsy - Girl Meows - Comments Off - August 15th, 2009

blogissatinLook furriends, the lovely Baby Patches has given us an award! It is ‘Your Blog Is Satin’! Yeah! Here is how this works: List 5 details (things, people, features) that makes your life “satin” (translates also as “shiny” or “good”). Pass on to 5 other bloggers. Okay, GO!

1 – Our Mom & Dad are the bestest! They takes good care of us and love us lots. 2 – Our house & yard, because we loves to run around in it! 3 – Tasty food & snacks to eat every day! 4 – lots of soft & cushy places to sleep 5 – We have pawsome cat toys to play with every day!

We pass this award on to Rumblepurr & Inigo Flufflebum, House of the Mostly Black Cats, PDX Pride, Misha, and Pandafur.

Happy Again
by Theo - Boy Meows - Comments (1) - August 13th, 2009

theo-81109I has decided to forgive Mom for stuffing me in a box and taking me to THAT PLACE. It started raining a lot here in Portland, so I been spending more time inside because I do not like being all wet. That means naps and pets and purrrs. Yeah. Mom snapped this picture of me snoozing on the bed in the middle of the day and I reached out my paw towards her. Yeah, I train her right with the cuteness, she got all gushy and I got some nice pets after she took the picture.

tigsyembarrassingTigsy has been really mad though. She has to have drops put in her ears twice a day for THREE WEEKS! It’s for the ear infections, and Mom and Dad want her ears to get better. Tigsy hates it though, she is very cranky kitty after they do the drops. Don’t tell her that Mom took this embarrassing picture of her, she looks kind of funny here! MOL! I do love teasing my Sisfur Tigs.

A Trip To The V.E.T.
by Theo - Boy Meows - Comments (1) - August 9th, 2009

Oh my kitty furriends, a terrible thing happened on Friday. First, Mom locked the cat door so we couldn’t go outside. Then, she brought the cat carriers upstairs from the basement. Uh oh!

Horrors! First, she wrestled Tigsy into one carrier and then she pushed me into the other one! We yowled and growled and let her know this was UNACCEPTABLE but she didn’t let us out. No, she took us outside and put us in THE CAR! Our pathetic cries did not dissuade her from wherever we were going.

The next part wasn’t too bad. Once we got to da place, she took us into a room and let us out of the carriers. We wandered around the room and sniffed lots of other animals. But then, a strange man came and Mom held me while he stuck something ummmmm someplace unmentionable!! I was so upset I bit Mom, once on each hand. I got my revenge, cuz now Mom has to take pills, something ’bout her hand being ‘fected.

Anyway, then another strange man came called the V E T and the two men held me while one of them stuck me with sharp needles and tried to look in my ears. I was hissy and growly and very very mad.

When it was Tigsy’s turn, she just went limp, the traitor. She didn’t fight or bite or scratch at all, not even when they poked her with needles and put long sticks in her ears. Mom says she has an ear ‘fection so now she and Dad are putting drops in her ears all the time. Tigsy’s kind of mad about that, but she still lets them. How will they learn they can’t treat us this way if she doesn’t fight?

tigsyaftervetAfter the V E T, Tigsy was very tired and insisted, Princess-like, that she be allowed to sleep ON A PILLOW on Dad’s lap and he let her. MOL!

Anyway, I refused to talk to Mom for the rest of the day and all day Saturday. I even hissed at her when she tried to pet me at one point. But then last night I decided I’d rather sleep on the bed so I did and I made Mom pet me too. The awful memory is fading…

The Story of Tigsy Part 2
by Tigsy - Girl Meows - Comments (2) - August 4th, 2009

0804-tigsyBefore they brought me home, Mom & Dad had a discussion about “the rule.” Dad’s rule was No Cats in The Bedroom. Mom didn’t like this rule, she liked having a kitty sleep on the bed at night. But she said okay anyway.

The first day home, I settled in pretty good. I figured these humans were pretty nice people, so I wasn’t scared or anything. I liked getting the pets and the treats and hanging out with the humans. Then they went to bed, and SHUT THE BEDROOM DOOR! They LOCKED ME OUT!

I was having none of this. Srsly, the NERVE! I proceeded to yowl and yowl and scratch at the door and tear up the carpet under the door and yowl some more. Mom said Oh Poor Kitty, she’s lonely! Dad put a pillow over his head. Mom said She’s going to damage the carpet! So Dad said I could come in JUST THIS ONE NIGHT since it was my first night in my new furrever home. I trotted in with a MEOW and jumped on the bed and settled in.

You can see where this is going. The NO CATS IN THE BEDROOM rule didn’t last a single night, and I’ve been sharing the bed (or bedroom, I have a cozy bed of my own I like) ever since. Sometimes I even sneak UNDER THE BLANKETS when it’s cold and snuggle between the humans. I have them trained right!

The Story of Tigsy
by Tigsy - Girl Meows - Comments (2) - August 3rd, 2009

tigsy-031209In 1998, in December, Mom & Dad got married. Mom moved out of her parents’ house and Dad moved out of his parents’ house, and they lived happily ever after. Except for the part where they had no kitty of their own! This made Mom very sad, because she’d always had a cat! Dad, being a very wise man, suggested they start visiting the local shelter to see if they could find the perfect kitty to bring home with them.

Dad had only one request: he wanted an orange tabby cat, a marmalade kitty. Mom figured this was fine, she wasn’t feeling very picky about the color of the cat. So she started visiting the shelter every week. Several weeks went by, and the perfect kitty wasn’t found yet.

tigsy-0305Then… one day Mom visited, and she saw… me! I was sort of orange colored, or copper at least, and I looked funny, thought Mom. (She’d never seen a Bengal before!) I had a very loud meow, and had a long chat with mom about how little I liked the cage I was in, and couldn’t she see I was a princess?

Mom could indeed see that I was a princess. She hurried home and called Dad, saying she’d found a cat… but I wasn’t a marmalade kitty, but wouldn’t he come see me anyway? Dad came, and he was smitten. They signed the necessary paperwork, and brought me home.

Thus ends my story, part one. In part two, I’ll describe the difficult time I had properly training the humans.