Such Terrible Treatment!
by Theo - Boy Meows - Comments Off - September 13th, 2009

theowindowshotLast week Mom got on a big flying thing and went to New York City. Can you believe Mom went and LEFT us for four whole days?? Sure, we had Dad and Mom’s sister to keep us company, but still. We haven’t forgiven Mama for taking off.

In happier news, Mom’s sister has moved in with us! She is going to Portland State University, so she is going to live here for a few years while she goes to school. We are so happy about this! We will call her Auntie. Auntie loves cats, so we have been getting pets and snugs, and she let Tigsy sleep on her bed! Yeah!

tigsysnuggledIt’s starting to look a little bit like fall here, with the nights getting a little cooler. Soon, it’ll be cold all the time and we’ll have lots of snuggling up with the humans to do. Tigsy enjoyed a little snuggling up in some coats while the humans were emptying out the closet in Auntie’s room before she moved in. Tigsy was kind of annoyed when they made her move out of the coats so they could hang them. Hmph! she said.

Well, we look forward to lots of snuggling this winter, with an extra lap in the house.