The Story of Theo Part 1
by Tigsy - Girl Meows - July 22nd, 2009

In order to really understand the story of Theo, one must first hear about the story of Muffin, which really beings with the story of Tigerlily. But, I’m going to begin in media res with the story of Muffin, leading to Theo.

muffinaMuffin is a beautiful calico cat. Muffin came to live with Mom and Dad when she turned up on Mom’s Auntie’s porch one day and wouldn’t leave. Mom went to visit her Auntie and ended up bringing Muffin home. For a few years, this worked okay. I used to beat Muffin up but mostly we got along okay. Then Mom and Dad moved into a studio apartment, which wasn’t all THAT small but was really too small for two girl cats to get along. Muffin developed a bad peeing habit, and Mom asked her Mom if Muffin could come live at her house. Grandmommy said yes, and Muffin went to live with her. Now, Muffin is her cat and lives a very happy, spoiled life where she has a large house to run around. There are other cats, but also a lot more room and everyone mostly gets along. Muffin likes being Grandmommy’s cat.

But see, the problem for Mom is that Muffin was really HER cat. I am a Daddy’s Girl. I love to sit in his lap, purr for him, sleep on his feet or his back. I pretty much act like Mom is chopped liver most of the time.  (Of course, I do give up the snugs and purrs for Mom plenty, just to keep the snacks flowing.) But Muffin loved her mama, and Mom wouldn’t agree to take Muffin to a new furrever home unless she was replaced with another cat. Preferably a boy cat, cuz they figured (correctly) that I’d get along better with a boy.

So Dad started looking around for a Bengal breeder, cuz they decided they wanted another Bengal like me. They found a breeder that had a silver boy kitten who would be available soon, and so it was agreed that Theo would come live with us shortly after Muffin went to her new home. More to come in Part 2…

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