Tigsy Gets A New Collar!
by Tigsy - Girl Meows - July 16th, 2009

So, da other day Mom noticed I had lost my collar. Yes, is very bad of me. See, I don’t have a very good history with collars. If they are made of any kind of fabric I can catch my claws on, I will shred it until it looks terrible. But since Dad put in our cat door (very helpful of him, to give us our own door!) Mom says I have to wear a collar. THHHPT!

Mom found me a pretty red collar made out of velvet with rhinestones. It was really pretty. Since I’m a princess, naturally I deserve rhinestones! I wore it for a few months but then I lost it the other day. Oops. I won’t tell where.

Today, Mom went to da local independent pet store and got me a new one. They didn’t have red, so now I have a new blue velvet collar with rhinestones. It’s okay, I liked the red better. But the bad part is until she orders me a new tag, I have to wear one of Theo’s tags on it! Horror!

See, she ordered a bunch of tags for Theo cuz he kept losing his collars and tag. But he hasn’t lost the one he has now, so she put one of the extra tags on me. It says THEO! Geez. She better order me my OWN tag pronto!

Tomorrow, I’ll pose for photos.

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