Hot Hot Hot!
by Theo - Boy Meows - July 30th, 2009

It’s been really hot in Portland the last few days, reaching well over 100 degrees F on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. We do not like it, no we don’t! We have mostly been napping, so Mom has only really been able to get pictures of us napping.

tigsy_july30 Here we have Tigerlily snoozing in the back part of the house. She slept here for most of the day, until she moved later to find a chair to sleep on.
theo_july30 I found a place to snooze in the kitchen, on the built-in bench. It’s part of a little nook and is quite cool, most of the time. Later, I found Mom & Dad’s bed, and slept all stretched out like a sausage.

It is supposed to gradually get cooler. We hope so, since we do not like the hot weather. Dad has been leaving the little air conditioner on during the day, even while he & Mom are gone, so at least the house hasn’t gotten into the triple digits. We will be glad when this heat spell is over!

2 Responses to “Hot Hot Hot!”

  1. Rumblepurr says:

    woo hoo!! photos!!! Hello my friends! Be happy, is freezing here.

  2. KritterKondo says:

    Hi Theo! We are glad to hear things have cooled down in Portland. It has been super hot here in Philadelphia too. Have a great week, nosetaps!

    Madi and Abi