The Story of Tigsy Part 2
by Tigsy - Girl Meows - August 4th, 2009

0804-tigsyBefore they brought me home, Mom & Dad had a discussion about “the rule.” Dad’s rule was No Cats in The Bedroom. Mom didn’t like this rule, she liked having a kitty sleep on the bed at night. But she said okay anyway.

The first day home, I settled in pretty good. I figured these humans were pretty nice people, so I wasn’t scared or anything. I liked getting the pets and the treats and hanging out with the humans. Then they went to bed, and SHUT THE BEDROOM DOOR! They LOCKED ME OUT!

I was having none of this. Srsly, the NERVE! I proceeded to yowl and yowl and scratch at the door and tear up the carpet under the door and yowl some more. Mom said Oh Poor Kitty, she’s lonely! Dad put a pillow over his head. Mom said She’s going to damage the carpet! So Dad said I could come in JUST THIS ONE NIGHT since it was my first night in my new furrever home. I trotted in with a MEOW and jumped on the bed and settled in.

You can see where this is going. The NO CATS IN THE BEDROOM rule didn’t last a single night, and I’ve been sharing the bed (or bedroom, I have a cozy bed of my own I like) ever since. Sometimes I even sneak UNDER THE BLANKETS when it’s cold and snuggle between the humans. I have them trained right!

2 Responses to “The Story of Tigsy Part 2”

  1. Rumblepurr says:

    I cannot believe that there is anyone, anywhere in the world that could say no to you, beautiful Miss Tigsy.

  2. Baby Patches says:

    Its hard works training da hoomans! I has a similars story da first night dey tried to locks me in a baff room! I wasn’t havings dat so der I was in da bedroom wif my new momma & daddy every night since and I purred from em all night long. MOL