Floofs & Paws & Noses
by Theo - Boy Meows - Comments Off - July 25th, 2009

Oh Hai!! Theo here. It’s been warm again here in Portland, warmer then we really like for fun in da sun outdoors. So we did a lot of sleeping today while Mom went to work and Dad read a book and did other Dadly things on his day off.

ct-tigsyfootfaceMom did manage to snap this piccie of Tigsy taking a nap on our favorite perch/tree-thingy by a window. Mom thought it was cute the way Tigsy’s nose was sticking down and her paws are all soft and paw-like. Mom loves kitty paws.
ct-theostretchyHere I am, all stretched out and ready for some snoozin’! Check out my tummy floofs! I iz all spotty on my tummy, cuz I’m a Bengal! Tigerlily likes to sleep all in a little bundle, but I like to stretch out and sleep like a sausage roll. Mom & Dad think this difference is funny cuz Tigsy is a Bengal too. When they catch me in a ball they also take my pic, just like they take a pic of Tigsy if she’s stretched out. Humans sure are funny!!

This is one of my favorite places to sleep, on our newish rug by my favorite chair. All the specks and stuff on the rug? That’s stuff we tracked in on our paws, Mom says Thanks Kitties!!! NOT!!! Now she has to vacuum.

Mom says it’s supposed to stay hot all weekend, yuck. We hope it cools off a little soon! Is it hot where you live?