Castor & Pollux
by Theo - Boy Meows - Comments Off - July 19th, 2009

I wanted to give a meow-out to the company that makes our cat food, the pawsome Castor & Pollux Pet Works. We like them because the cat fud tastes great! Mom likes them because the cat food is certified organic and free of animal byproducts, corn and wheat.

I also want to give them a meow-out because Castor & Pollux are a founding sponsor of and, two sites started by a 12 year-old girl named Mimi Ausland. When you visit the websites and play the trivia, Castor & Pollux donates pieces of kibble. So far, over 90 tons of food has been donated to shelters!

You can visit every day and play! It’s a small and easy way to help animal shelters help anipals.