A Trip To The V.E.T.
by Theo - Boy Meows - Comments (1) - August 9th, 2009

Oh my kitty furriends, a terrible thing happened on Friday. First, Mom locked the cat door so we couldn’t go outside. Then, she brought the cat carriers upstairs from the basement. Uh oh!

Horrors! First, she wrestled Tigsy into one carrier and then she pushed me into the other one! We yowled and growled and let her know this was UNACCEPTABLE but she didn’t let us out. No, she took us outside and put us in THE CAR! Our pathetic cries did not dissuade her from wherever we were going.

The next part wasn’t too bad. Once we got to da place, she took us into a room and let us out of the carriers. We wandered around the room and sniffed lots of other animals. But then, a strange man came and Mom held me while he stuck something ummmmm someplace unmentionable!! I was so upset I bit Mom, once on each hand. I got my revenge, cuz now Mom has to take pills, something ’bout her hand being ‘fected.

Anyway, then another strange man came called the V E T and the two men held me while one of them stuck me with sharp needles and tried to look in my ears. I was hissy and growly and very very mad.

When it was Tigsy’s turn, she just went limp, the traitor. She didn’t fight or bite or scratch at all, not even when they poked her with needles and put long sticks in her ears. Mom says she has an ear ‘fection so now she and Dad are putting drops in her ears all the time. Tigsy’s kind of mad about that, but she still lets them. How will they learn they can’t treat us this way if she doesn’t fight?

tigsyaftervetAfter the V E T, Tigsy was very tired and insisted, Princess-like, that she be allowed to sleep ON A PILLOW on Dad’s lap and he let her. MOL!

Anyway, I refused to talk to Mom for the rest of the day and all day Saturday. I even hissed at her when she tried to pet me at one point. But then last night I decided I’d rather sleep on the bed so I did and I made Mom pet me too. The awful memory is fading…