Purrfect Summertime
by Theo - Boy Meows - Comments (2) - August 20th, 2009

It’s been warm again in Oregon, but not TOOOOO warm this time. I been enjoying doing some of my favorite things! That would be snoozing, snoozing, and watching birds and squirrels.

theo-bedsnoozeDad snapped this pic of me snoozing on the bed. It’s probably my favorite place to sleep because I can stretch out my long legs and tail and really get comfy. Given a choice, I’ll sleep here for several hours a day.

boostwindowThis chair is in the living room, and the window looks out onto the street. When I’m not running around outside, I like to flop on the chair like this and watch stuff out the window. Birds, squirrels, other cats, people… they all go by and I’ll sit and watch them for a long time before I get bored.

I really love summer. The other day, Mom’s mom, sister, brother and brother’s girlfriend all came up to visit. They sat outside to eat dinner and I got to cadge bits of beef and flop out on the lawn to keep an eye on them. It was the best! What’s your favorite part about summer?

Happy Again
by Theo - Boy Meows - Comments (1) - August 13th, 2009

theo-81109I has decided to forgive Mom for stuffing me in a box and taking me to THAT PLACE. It started raining a lot here in Portland, so I been spending more time inside because I do not like being all wet. That means naps and pets and purrrs. Yeah. Mom snapped this picture of me snoozing on the bed in the middle of the day and I reached out my paw towards her. Yeah, I train her right with the cuteness, she got all gushy and I got some nice pets after she took the picture.

tigsyembarrassingTigsy has been really mad though. She has to have drops put in her ears twice a day for THREE WEEKS! It’s for the ear infections, and Mom and Dad want her ears to get better. Tigsy hates it though, she is very cranky kitty after they do the drops. Don’t tell her that Mom took this embarrassing picture of her, she looks kind of funny here! MOL! I do love teasing my Sisfur Tigs.

Hot Hot Hot!
by Theo - Boy Meows - Comments (2) - July 30th, 2009

It’s been really hot in Portland the last few days, reaching well over 100 degrees F on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. We do not like it, no we don’t! We have mostly been napping, so Mom has only really been able to get pictures of us napping.

tigsy_july30 Here we have Tigerlily snoozing in the back part of the house. She slept here for most of the day, until she moved later to find a chair to sleep on.
theo_july30 I found a place to snooze in the kitchen, on the built-in bench. It’s part of a little nook and is quite cool, most of the time. Later, I found Mom & Dad’s bed, and slept all stretched out like a sausage.

It is supposed to gradually get cooler. We hope so, since we do not like the hot weather. Dad has been leaving the little air conditioner on during the day, even while he & Mom are gone, so at least the house hasn’t gotten into the triple digits. We will be glad when this heat spell is over!

Floofs & Paws & Noses
by Theo - Boy Meows - Comments Off - July 25th, 2009

Oh Hai!! Theo here. It’s been warm again here in Portland, warmer then we really like for fun in da sun outdoors. So we did a lot of sleeping today while Mom went to work and Dad read a book and did other Dadly things on his day off.

ct-tigsyfootfaceMom did manage to snap this piccie of Tigsy taking a nap on our favorite perch/tree-thingy by a window. Mom thought it was cute the way Tigsy’s nose was sticking down and her paws are all soft and paw-like. Mom loves kitty paws.
ct-theostretchyHere I am, all stretched out and ready for some snoozin’! Check out my tummy floofs! I iz all spotty on my tummy, cuz I’m a Bengal! Tigerlily likes to sleep all in a little bundle, but I like to stretch out and sleep like a sausage roll. Mom & Dad think this difference is funny cuz Tigsy is a Bengal too. When they catch me in a ball they also take my pic, just like they take a pic of Tigsy if she’s stretched out. Humans sure are funny!!

This is one of my favorite places to sleep, on our newish rug by my favorite chair. All the specks and stuff on the rug? That’s stuff we tracked in on our paws, Mom says Thanks Kitties!!! NOT!!! Now she has to vacuum.

Mom says it’s supposed to stay hot all weekend, yuck. We hope it cools off a little soon! Is it hot where you live?

Snoozy Day
by Tigsy - Girl Meows - Comments (1) - July 17th, 2009

Hello Furriends!

It iz really hot here today! Well, at least hot  for us, we iz wimp cats here in Oregon and don’t like the heat. Theo and I spent most of the day snoozing in the house, where it’s at least a little cooler than outside. Mom snapped some pics of us snoozing.

theosnoozes717 First, Theo. Theo likes to sleep on da rug, cuz it’s nice and cool down on the floor. He’s really lazy when it’s hot. Mom thinks he so cute with his little turned upsidedown head.
tigsy_snooze717 Mom snapped this one of me, asleep in my favorite perch by the window. She thought it was cute, the way my little paw was resting on the edge. Unfortunately, my new collar isn’t showing. We’ll have to try again to get a good picture of that.

What do you say furriends? What are your favorite things to do on a hot day?